Step 1: Choose the program and signup

Read from our website or call our office and choose the program that you are interested in and meet the requirements for. If you meet the requirements then click REGISTER on our website and sign up with us.

Step 2: Register

Make the registration Fee payment of $6000 JMD. Breakdown - $2,500 for the Registration Fee and $3,500 for orientation. Orientation is an interictal part of this process and is mandatory. This fee is to be paid at once and is non-refundable.

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Step 3: Sign Agreement

Read and sign our registration package which contains our agreement, fees and refund breakdown. The registration package is the contact between Polaris and the applicant, you will not be processed if this step is not completed.

Step 4: 1st Deposit and Job Placement

Make your 1st payment to be placed in an interview or on a system for a job placement. This step is one of the most critical steps as you will be vetted for a variety of job based on the program you are going on or your qualification.

Step 5: Processing Documents

Complete all documents an online application. This step is another critical step as your application is required for your DS 2019 Form/work permit to be processed and shipped on time.

Step 6: Job offer and Second Deposit

Sign your job offer and make SEVIS fee payment, visa fee payment and second deposit payment. At this step you would have already been successful in getting a job placement therefore you are responsible to sign your job offer and clear all your payments.

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Step 7: Embassy

Attend an orientation to prepare you for your embassy interview as well as your departure. Pick up package with all the documents for embassy a day or two before your embassy date at our office.

Step 8. Departure

If you are at this step then you were successful at the embassy and it is now time to make preparation to leave for the United States. You are required to complete your pre-arrival package and submit for your employer to prepare for your safe arrival.

Step 9: Safe Flight!

Wishing you a safe, peaceful, and utterly unremarkable flight (in the best possible way!)

Step 10: Abroad/overseas

Engage in cultural exchange by learning the American culture while teaching them your Jamaican culture, work, play and create lots of memories. Engage in the experience you will get and make the most of it to take back to your country.