Welcome Employers

Are you in need of staff for the summer, fall, winter, or spring season? We are here to serve you. Polaris has applicants to fill any position: Housekeepers, Chefs, Front desk Agents, Servers, Cashiers, Dishwashers, food runners...you name it! Polaris provides employee placements to you at no charge under all J1 Programs. We supply students for the J1 Work and Travel, J1 Camp, J1 Trainee and J1 Internship programs.

A Little about Our Participants

Our students are fully screened under the US Department of State Visa Eligibility Regulations. Their ages range from 18-35 years old and they have experience or are trained in the fields we place them in. We do have entry level students without experience, but these are willing to be trained if given the opportunity. The students are driven to work hard to fund their way through school while learning about the US culture through the experience you offer them.

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