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Polaris Travel & Placements Services

Polaris Travel and Placements Services is an Overseas Placement Agency located on the island of Jamaica. Our organization provides international job placement opportunities to Jamaican University students, youths and adults under the J1, H2B and Q1 Visas. Employers can also rely on us to supply them with suitable seasonal staff to fit all industries supported by our Visa Programs. Our team members are professionals, dedicated and enthusiastic with years of experience working in international cultural exchange. When dealing with immigration, travel or manpower needs, one has to be careful in choosing the right team to handle your affairs. Polaris' team members are committed to ensuring fast and efficient placements with all clients in order to facilitate meaningful and lasting experiences.

Our Team

Mr. Steven Bramwell

Program Director/ Recruiter

Ms. Shanice Ward

Program Coordinator / Admin Assistant

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Polaris Travel & Placement Services